Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 12 - Fabric Buttons

To start this post off I must apologise. I know I said I would do a craft a day but stuff came up and I couldn't get onto the computer. So I will make it up with showing you how to make your own personalised buttons with left over fabric or material of choice!

I love making these as each button is different. Each one comes out slightly different and they can be as cute or as loud as you want! I want to do embroidery on them next even though I have never tried this. Sounds like fun. Anyway.... enough of me waffling!

To make your own buttons you will need:
Self cover buttons with backs (I have tried both the metal ones and plastic ones but find the metal ones best)
Scrap material or anything you want to make buttons from.
Button Making Tool (but you could use a heavy hand but may be harder)

You can get the Button Maker tool I have from eBay by clicking  HERE
The Self cover buttons are also on eBay with the same person HERE so you get a postage discount.

First step is to cut a piece of material bigger than the button so that it can tuck inside. I do it about 1.5cm bigger than the button size. Some people cut it into a circle but I do it the quick way haha! I have never been one for patience!  Place it over the button maker tool in the right size hole for the button (mine is 22mm).

Next place the button on top of the material and push down so it keeps the material tight. This can be done without the button maker by wrapping it over the button nice and tight.

Trim off the material that goes over the edges so it will have a neater finish. This is where material lovers will cringe at the thought of losing that little bit of fabric! If you had cut it in a circular shape, you would not need to trim. Now tuck in the material into the little shark like teeth so it grabs the material. It will then look something like this.

Now get the back of the button and place it down so that the dents face in. This will then clip into the button and secure it in place.

Place the button maker tool on top of the button and press down hard until you hear a click. If you don't have a tool then push really hard but it may take a bit of effort. Take it out of the button maker and there you have your cute little fabric buttons!

Add them to an outfit, a bag, or make hair clips out of them! You can put them on anything!


  1. Well, what an amazingly well timed blog! I was looking at self cover buttons today and wasn't sure whether to get plastic or metal and so left them on the shelf! I will now click your handy link and order myself some along with the tool (why make life difficult for yourself?!). Thank you for a very clear and well illustrated blog.

    1. Thanks hun! Let me know how they turn out when you make them! :)

  2. Self cover buttons (small and large) plus button making tool ordered! :o)