Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 10 - The Avengers Assemble A Mask and a Box!

 Evening everyone! I went to see the Avengers yesterday in IMAX 3D and it was truly amazing! It was my first IMAX film and I loved how clear and in your face it was! After watching the yummy manly heroes, I was inspired to make something comic book hero related. So I have made a mask and a little box!

I'll start off with the mask as you can wear this as you make the box to make you feel like a superhero! I couldn't decide on which hero to be so I chose all of them and picked the entire Marvel crew!

To make the mask you will need:
Glue/Pritt Stick/Double Sided Tape
Hole Punch
Pictures to cut out (I got mine from google and they are copyrighted by Marvel so do not make this to re sell, only for personal use)

First of all, either design your own mask shape on card or you can use the template I used by clicking HERE. Make sure it will fit the shape of your face. I went around it in black pen to make it clearer to cut out. When you are happy with your shape, cut it out and use the hole punch to cut out small circles where the elastic/string will go through.

Next, design your mask how you want. Paint it, colour it or do what I did and print off a picture and stick it on top of the mask like the picture to the right.


Cut out the eyes carefully making sure they match up to where your own eyes are. I re hole punched the circles as I papered over them and I had something that looked like this on the left.

Attach some elastic or string so that it will fit over the persons head and tie a knot on either side like the photo to the right. Now turn it over and admire your work of art! Pop it on and hey presto.... you are a super hero with your own disguise!

Now to make the box! You can keep your super hero secrets in here or lock your powers away in here! You need all the same things as before plus a box to decorate. I got mine from Hobbycraft but I am sure you can get them anywhere or just use a different type of box. It can be any size but mine is a small one.

The first thing I did was print off some pictures from google of the Avengers and cut them out. I started with the lid.

Cover the lid with PVA glue and then put your pictures on top. When they are all in place, do not cover in PVA. Save this til the end when everything on the box is in place and when it dries first. Otherwise it will go bobbly as it is too damp.

Cover the entire box in this way with the design of your choice and when it is dry, cover with a layer of PVA glue and leave to dry. When it dries it will become clear and hard. Mine isn't quite dry yet but this is the best photo I can show you. I will update my blog tomorrow with the finished box.

And there you have it, Avenger inspired super hero items!! Have fun and get messy! That's all part of the fun! Now I am off to save the world............

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