Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 3 - Hot Water Bottle Cover

Pinched this image from google :(

Before I start this blog I have to apologise. I ha vent made this today as I have been so busy completing orders on my crayons (check out or if you want to see hehe) and designing my new colouring book! So here is something I made for my Mum at Christmas and thought it would be perfect to share! 

I promise tomorrows craft a day will be amazing! :)

This little water bottle cover project is a simple project that will take less than an hour. It will also make the perfect present!

You Will Need:

       Old jumper
       Hot water bottle
       Sewing machine or Wonder web
       Material to make the flowers
       Needle and thread

Turn your jumper inside out and draw the outline of the water bottle's bottom and sides on it. If the jumper has an elasticated bottom, use this as the top of the outline. Draw the two sides a few centimetres higher and then draw a straight line across. This will give a shape like an upside-down tombstone.

Sew, or use Wonder web with an iron, around the bottom and two sides of the outline.

To create a piped edge, turn the jumper inside out again so that it is the right side up. Stitch 1cm inside the outline for the bottom and two sides. (You can use Wonder web to do this too.)

If you want to decorate the cover, you can use ribbon, scraps of material, felt, or whatever you choose. I made little petals: cut out between five and seven petal shapes from a scrap of material. Pinch the bottom of a petal together and insert a needle with thread a few millimetres from the bottom of the pinched petal, as if creating a necklace with petals hanging off. Do this for each petal. Once all the petals are on the thread, pull the cotton together very tightly to form a flower. Use a decent length of thread so you can then stitch the flower to the water bottle cover.

Cut a long strip from your scrap material. You can use this to tie a bow around the top of your water bottle cover.

Make sure you use a thick jumper for your cover, and follow all safety advice about filling hot water bottles.

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