Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 2 - Mosaic Madness

Create your very own masterpiece with a fantastic and colourful mosaic! 

Follow my steps below to make this bright and colourful paper fish which will look amazing in a frame when finished! The more colourful the better! Let your imagination SWIM wild!

I had so many old magazines laying around, I just had to get rid of them. But I had to make use of them first and do a bit of upcycling!

For this craft you will need:
Old or new magazines to cut up so dont use someone elses!
Glue (PVA or Pritt Stick)
Coloured card
Pencil or pen

    First step is to get your old magazines or newspapers and cut out lots of little squares about the size of a quarter of a stamp. You can do lots of different colours and sizes like I have and sort them into piles.

    Next, grab a coloured piece of card. This will be your background. With a pencil and patience, draw the outline of your fish.

    When you are happy with your outline, lay out the coloured squares to see how it will look. When you are happy with your design, stick down your coloured pieces of paper with Pritt Stick or PVA glue onto the body of your fish, making sure that you use similar colours in individual areas. Do not overlap any squares to make it look like a mosaic.

     When you have finished with the body and tail, allow the glue to dry. Meanwhile, with black card or any other coloured card, cut out shapes matching the fish’s face and fins. Stick these in place as shown and wait for it to dry.

    Once dry, with a silver pen, draw in the fish’s eyes and any detail you want to put on the fins.You can also do this with cut outs from your magazine.
    Frame this beauty on your wall for all to admire!

    I had great fun doing this and was a little bit messy as I tipped the entire lot of cut outs on the floor. I am a very clumsy person if you hadn't already guessed! So top tip would be to put your coloured magazine cut outs in a big sorting pot or tray. 

    You dont have to stop at a fish either! Why not make a whole aquarium of fish, a monkey, a jungle scene or be brave and do a person!! I would love to see yours!! Go on..... get creative!!!!!! 


    1. Love this!! Will be something fab to do with the girls xx

      1. Thanks! Something everyone can do! Big and small! :)