Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 5 - Howdy Hangers

We have made loads of these today! All different types shapes and sizes! The weather has been awful so we decided to get stuck in and make something easy and fun! 

I found a pack of straws so I decided to make good use of them. This is the perfect thing to do on a rainy day and the kids love it! 

As she has an obsession with toy story, we made cowboys and cowgirls to hang on her door, on her cupboard doors, on her drawers and anywhere else they would go!

To make your own howdy hanger cowgirl you will need:
Card to make the body
Glue and Sticky Tape
Colouring Pencils/Pens/Paint depending how messy you want to be

The first step is to design your cowgirl/cowboy. Draw the head and the body, then draw the hands and boots separate as these are going to be separate from the body later. If you don't have time to draw your own, here is a template for you to print and cut out. If you want her bigger, just enlarge it to size and print it off.


When you have designed it, colour it in and design them however you want! You can colour it or paint it, go with the flow. I had great fun designing mine shown on the left.


Then cut out your character carefully so you are left with something like this. 


When she is all cut out, turn her over. Put her to one side and cut a straw into 2 pieces. One to go across her shoulders and one to go at her waist like the picture to the left. Secure them with sticky tape as glue will take too long to set. 


Then cut one piece of string long enough to go through the top tube and also to fit hands on the end of the string "arms". Pass the string through and sticky tape/glue one hand on one end and one hand on the other. Then cut another Piece of string to go through the waist line tube and leave enough string for legs and to attach the boots on the end. Once you have passed the string through, stick on the boots. Then cut a small piece of sting and make a loop and fasten in to place at the top to make your hanger! 

Once its dry, hang it where you want! Don't stop at cowgirls and cowboys, make a whole load of different ones. Make Indians to go with them. Why not make an army soldier, A Builder, A Biker, and a Policeman and have the whole Village People! Have fun! We did!! 


  1. How clever are you this make is brilliant!

  2. Awww thanks!! Simple things are sometimes the best :)

  3. Oh my little girl would love to have a go at this... Have to show her tomorrow.. xxx