Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 6 - Make up a dance routine

I went to London today with Mr Pom Poms today as he had an interview down there. I went to keep him company and sing silly songs to keep him awake. He is now asleep on the couch as I write this after a long day driving. He did OK in his interview so fingers crossed!

While he was at his interview I waited in the car thinking of all the crafty things to do in my blog! This entry wont be the most exciting as my whole day was full travelling so for that I am sorry.

I am in a little group called the Crafty Chicks and its full of ladies as mad and fun as me. I am known for many things (mainly silly things) but one of them is my dancing. I love to do little dances when I'm happy. It doesn't take alot to keep me entertained! As I am always saying I am dancing, I was asked to do a tutorial for "The Sally Dance" so this is what I did while I waited in the car in a creepy car park like something from a horror story!

I had great fun drawing this and even had to act the moves to be able to draw it. I just hope none of the other drivers saw me haha! This is the only crafty thing I did today but had to share it! 

Make up your own dance routine to your favourite song and draw it so you remember it. All you need is a pen and your body! Happy Dancing!! Go on..... have a go! Wiggle that bottom!

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