Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 7 - Pencil Pot-tin'

First of all, sorry I didn't update my blog yesterday. I ended up going to a friends and staying there all day and most of the night. So a hangover and a few coffees later, here I am ready to give you a fresh idea to do.

I made two things today, one is this lovely pencil pot and the other will be on the next post.

I seem to have loads of tins knocking around so rather than throwing them out, I thought I would try and make use of them! Being the crafty arty person that I am, I also have lots of pens and pencils and nowhere to keep them all. So this is the perfect solution.

This is the quickest guide on how to do it as it really is simple. 

File down the sharp edges of the tin so it wont cut you when you go in to get your pens. I just used a metal file and it worked wonders! 

All you have to do is put double sided tape from the top to the bottom about 6 times around the tin. This is so the wool will have something to stick to as you wind it around.

Get your ball of wool and start at the top and go round and round keeping it nice and tight until you get to the bottom. When you get to the bottom, tuck the wool in or tape it underneath so it cant be seen.

Add a bit of detail like a bow or a pom pom like me and there you have it..... a Pencil Pot Tin!! Why not make it multicoloured or give it a theme. It could be a British pencil pot, a butterfly one or anything better that you can imagine. 

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